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Does it matter where I live?

No – you could live anywhere from Bluff to Cape Reinga! It is an online tool that can be accessed anywhere you have internet access and at anytime from your computer, mobile or tablet. There may be differences however in how you record information depending on what information your Council provides and how they provide it.

Am I required to have a fixed term contract?

There are no fixed term contracts. You can cancel or stop using your account at any time although you will not be able to access the information you have previously loaded if you do wish to cancel it.

Can I have more than one property associated with my account?

Yes. You can have multiple properties associated with one login or account.

What does it mean to ‘transfer’ my property?

You can transfer a property to a new account holder (for example, the new property owner) so they have the relevant information and history of the property and can continue to add to this property under their own account login. When you transfer, it will also automatically save an archived version of the property at that date under your login so you can refer back to it in the future.

When I transfer my property, does all of my information go to the new owner?

No. Private information such as any personal details, account settings, lending or insurance details will always remain with your login and account. Further, you can choose to keep private any other files, photos or records when transferring a property file to the new owner’s account.

How much time does it take to set-up?

As long as you’ve got all your information at hand, it shouldn’t take long to set up the base property information! It’s up to you how much other information you want to store and how you want to use the site. Once you’re set-up, all it takes is a bit of regular TLC to keep it humming along and working optimally for you. For example, uploading invoices and documents, and updating your records when you do some maintenance. And why not get the satisfaction of ticking something off your list when you’ve gone to all the hard work of doing or organising it! You can put as little or as much time into it – it’s up to you how much you want to get out of it.

We also realise that it can be hard to find the time (& motivation!) to get all of this information into your property’s digital wallet to start with. If this sounds like you then contact us about how we can help you and your property get set-up in the digital world.

What does it mean to ‘archive’ my property?

Archived properties are effectively closed and frozen. You can view everything and download attachments but you cannot edit anything or receive reminders. When you sell, for example, you still keep an archived record of that property in case you need to refer back to something in the future.